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Opportunity can come driving towards you

  • October 26, 2015
  • New Delhi, India
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Rachna Rajan

Like every other commuter who travels long distance on a daily basis, I was sick and tired of it. Waiting for metro, buses and autos, and adjusting in the crowd was taking a toll on me.

I learned about a ride-sharing service from a friend and started using it and to my surprise, it turned out to be a pleasant experience. I started meeting new people everyday with so many wonderful interests and experiences. Little did I know, this ride will change my life forever.

I hitched a ride and a guy came to pick me up. I started a conversation with him like I usually do with everyone. The discussion shifted from a fun banter to a more serious work related topic and he started asking me some really intelligent questions. I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and found that he was working in the same sector as I was.

<p>Evolution of Social Networking</p>

Some rydes change your life

After an hour of driving and countless interesting + trivial questions, we arrived at my destination. He dropped me off at my office. He told me to drop my resume at his email address.

I took his advice lightly and dropped a mail after 2-3 days. I received a call from them in a day and I was offered a senior position with a great hike at a startup that I had wanted to work at for months.

I went in for documentation and I was shocked and surprised to see that the guy who had offered me a ride was the CEO of the startup. For a few seconds, I couldn't feel my feet on the ground.

I somehow composed myself and tried to believe what actually had happened. I was interviewed by a CEO of a growing startup while I was sharing a ride with him. This regular day-to-day situation turned into an exciting opportunity within no time.

A simple ride-sharing experience changed my life for the better. Why don't you share a ride with ibibo Ryde and the next big interview could be yours.