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A narrow escape from the worst mistake of my life

  • October 29, 2015
  • New Delhi, India
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In an increasingly fast-paced and interconnected world, everyone wants to reach fast and comfortably to their destination (which is often farther than one would want to travel on a daily basis).

This travel time and effort was giving me nightmares about a month ago; that was when I thought to buy myself a car that would be compact and will make for an easy commute from home to office and back. I was pretty excited about this next big purchase I decided to go for.

I researched and found the best low budget and cost effective car that I can get and called up the showroom to see if the model was available. I also took a note of the EMIs and was ready to go for one of the options.

In excitement, I called up my best friend and excitedly told him about my plan and he seemed flabbergasted by my idea. He gave me a whole new perspective by making me realize the huge number of cars that are already crawling on the roads and adding one more will only increase the traffic. On top of that, fuel costs and maintenance of the vehicle will only make it worse over the time. He suggested me to share a ride instead of buying a car.

I had never heard about this concept before and this intrigued me. I decided to hold my horses and explore the option suggested by him. So, I got to searching exactly what sharing a ride was? This is how I came to know about carpooling as a concept and how it is gaining popularity especially in metro cities.

After thorough research on its effectiveness versus buying a car on monthly EMI, I finally decided to give ride-sharing a shot before paying thousands in EMI. So I opted for ibibo Ryde, which was suggested by the same friend based on his own experience.

It didn't take me long to realise that apart from being light on the pocket, ride-sharing gives you a unique opportunity to meet interesting people and grow your network. I've been quite lucky till now and made lots of friends on professional & personal front. You might get an excellent opportunity while sharing a ride too. Who knows!?!

This is how I saved myself from making a huge financial blunder recently. Go use ibibo Ryde now and see the difference yourself.